Briolette Crystal

Briolette Crystal

1256 LALIQUE BRIOLETTE 13 BLACK CRYSTAL Jewels 42 925 Silver NECKLACE 7775100
1256 LALIQUE BRIOLETTE 13 BLACK CRYSTAL Jewels 42 925 Silver NECKLACE 7775100
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How To Make Briolette Earrings Part 1

Briolette Crystal

Need help with beading?

I love to bead but my only problem I'm having is knowing the types of beads,shapes,cuts,colors, names of clasps other ends and just about eevrything etc.

Is there a site where I can learn this or study it? where it would give me a break down of everything.

I know it would be a huge help because when people ask me on things I make and what it is and have to break it down to them im lost. I can put togteher beautiful jewlery but the facts on it not so good.

Please help. Thanks in advance 🙂

Fire mountain gems has pretty much info on everything from beads, clasps, styles, types -- everything you would want to know (I have also ordered from these guys and always had good service!)

here are some sites to help you get started.

Just remember that the bigger the number the smaller the seed bead.
There are two types of seed bead -- the roughly doughnut shaped kind that most people are familiar with. This is what most beaders think of when they hear "sead beads"

The other kind if the precision made cylinder beads made in japan - they are very regular in size and size and look like little cylinders with a pretty big hole in the middle. These are used mostly for bead weaving, because the fit together so well.

If it's not a seed bead it is measured in millimetres.

Rondelle is a slightly squashed round bead.

oval and round are what they sound like, as is teardrop.

Briolette is a nother name for teardrop shaped (but it tends to be a bit more flattened and have facets,

Swarovsky crystals have several different cuts - if you look in the firemountain catalogue it has good up close pictures to show the different ones.

A basic crystal shape is the diamond shape.

But they come in square, round,rondelle, teardrop and even asymetrical.

Pearls are rice shaped (and they really are shaped like little pieces of rice.) They are also potato (kind of roughly round) round, button shaped (called rounds, and the hole can go in several different directions depending on the manufacturer) They are also stick shaped (also known as "planks" they look like rough rectangles) and now-a-days they even have pearls that have been seeded to be in the shape of crosses, diamond and all kinds of things.

There are some great support groups on yahoo for beaders as well.
Hope some of this helps out and happy beading!!

Briolette Crystal