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Bulb Feeder

Bearded dragon shopping list?

Tell me if this is all i need for a bearded dragon. ( most of it ) Tell me if i missed anything.

-40 gallon tank

-Clamp Lamp

-thermometer w/ a probe

-Basking platform



-food and water bowl

-mercury vapor bulb

then i'll use dubia roaches for a feeder.

Good, but you might want to think about a larger tank for when he's full grown. My girl is in a 75 gallon and is comfy. Even mercury vapors, which give off heat and UVB, should be changed every 6-8 months as they lose potency (UVB potency) long before the light goes out. I use non-adhesive shelf liner for substrate....easy to clean, looks great, cheap. Stay away from sand or other loose substrates as they can cause impaction, bacterial and parasite infections. Roaches are fine, but vary the insects (gutloaded) as much as possible and don't forget a fresh salad daily!

For more info on care, health and feeding, please check out my favorite sites:





Bulb Feeder