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Do you think I'll be able to become a killer whale trainer?

First of all, let me just say, I really want to be a killer whale trainer. I am currently 14 years old, from South Africa, and for years now I have always loved animals, especially killer whales! I grew up in a house with rabbits, budgies and cockatiels, dogs, fish, hamsters and mice, ducks, and last but not least, a chicken. I just recently visited Sea World in San Antonio and saw the shamu show. It was amazing!
Requirements for being a trainer are on the following site.
Click on 'Animal Training and Careers'.
First of all, I have taken swimming lessons in the past and attended a gym for quite a while. I have had experience working with animals. The only thing I have trouble with is public speaking etc.
What can I do to improve my public speaking etc.? Free-diving to the bottom of a 26ft deep pool? Is this difficult, and what does 'free-diving' mean? I am really committed! Do you think I can become a trainer one day?

Yes, I think you can achieve your goal with a lot of hard work!

That you have so much experience with animals is a benefit. However, you should continue your education and do anything you can to continue to get more animal experience. Some ideas would be to shadow your veterinarian, volunteer at your local Animal Society, etc. Take as many math and science courses as you can, especially biology.

You will also need to improve your swimming. That you took lessons in the past is, again, a great benefit but you need to be a VERY strong swimmer. Your trainer could also help you with the free diving.

In high school, or at your local community college, you can take courses on Public Speaking. A good background in English (not only the language, but grammar and syntax, etc.) will also be important.

Learn all you can about Killer Whales/Orca and dolphins (they are actually dolphins rather than whales). Also study marine science/biology.

There is probably a very large number of people who would like to be trainers compared to how many positions there are for trainers, so remember that while you might meet the requirements, you will need to exceed them to make yourself stand out as the best candidate.

I wish you the best!

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