Hyacinth Carnival

Hyacinth Carnival

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Hyacinth Carnival

Project on the Fete des Fleurs?

I have a big project to do on the Fete des Fleurs for my french class, but I can't seem to find any information via internet! The requirement for this project is a presentation including the following:

1. Explain the origin of the holiday.
2. Explain how and why people celebrate the way they do.
3. If there are any, talk about the regional differences.
4. If possible talk about specific foods for the holiday and any traditions that are associated with them.
5. Ensure you have at least one vocabulary slide
6. Prepare 5-8 quality questions to ask the class after your presentation

If anybody could provide any information on this french holiday it would be an enormous help! Thank you!

This is not a national holiday but a local celebration in certain towns and it can take place at any part of the year though obviously it is at a time when flowers are in bloom, so spring and summer. It necessitates the collection or the purchase of thousands of flowers. In some localities it is a procession of floats entirely decked with flowers, in others it is a competition between flower arrangers.
It can be themed: floats on a certain set topic, or random floats presented by individual groups. Some firms sponsor a particular float to do their advertising. Some entrants do it for the joy of it. It takes a lot of labour to build and decorate a float, and preparations have to be made well in advance of the event, though the flowers are arranged and put in place the day and night before the parades or the exhibition.
Some places such as Nice have this as part of their annual carnival in February or March, but for others it may just be a new venture and started as recently as a few years ago ago, and such events get decided by a town committee or the Mayor as a desirable event in a certain month such as late August.

You can see a variety of events like this in various towns.

Some particular towns or areas theme their event round a local flower in bloom such as gorse in Brittany:
In March at Plomeur in Brittany the local florists join together to make an entire construction made of hyacinths.

Such parades often include folkloric groups from other countries who are invited to participate, or majorettes and bands.
The longest established event is the Nice one, which involves not only floats, but also flower battles, as part of the Carnival celebrations.

I hope this helps you with your presentation.

Hyacinth Carnival