Sapphire Jellyfish

Sapphire Jellyfish

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Green Jellyfish is Here: Shiny Tentacool after 155 Route 41 encounters -- My 4th Shiny in 10 Days

Sapphire Jellyfish

Please can some write me the essences (with places) for My Sims Kingdom(wii)?

Thank you so much if you do this for me.

Pulling weeds- cherry blossoms, cupcakes and red crayons
Trees- cherry blossoms
Fishing- sun fish, sea turtles and goby
Mining- red crayons, silver and gold
digging - cupcakes, jade, and amber

Rocket reef:
pulling weeds- bananas, rockets, simoleons, and robo fish
trees- bananas, rockets
fishing- sea urchin, robo fish, electric eel
mining- spring, metal and bronze

pulling weeds- pears, music notes, sapphire and simoleons
trees- music notes and pears
fishing- electric eel, squid and beta
digging- sapphire, electro bits, 8 balls, and chocolate

forest of elves:
pulling weeds:crabs, cherry blossoms, organic, and gold
trees- cherry blossoms, and music notes
fishing- koi, bass, sea urchin, electric eels, crab, and gold arowana
mining-music notes, silver and electro bits
digging- sapphire, amber,organic and simoleons

cowboy junction:
pulling weeds- pineapple, tires, music notes, electrobits
trees- pineapple, music notes
fishing- electric eel, bass, jellyfish,crab and piranha
mining-metal, bronze,silver, electrobit
digging- stone onyx, amber, bacon, electrobits

the royal academy:
pulling weeds-oranges, pencils, chocolate, octopus
trees- oranges
fishing-seahorse, electric eel, octupus
mining-metal, platinum, chocolate
digging- pencils, electro bits, sapphire, simoleons, and onyx

trevor island:
pulling weeds: stars, sea turtle, jade
trees- stars
fishing- marlin, tiny shark, angler

pulling weeds:eyeballs, deadwood, ghosts, voodoo dolls
seance- voodoo dolls and ghosts
trees- eyeballs
fishing- pleco's electric eels, bat fish, ghosts, sea urchins, sea turtles
mining-metal, silver, gold, amethyst
digging-amethyst, dead wood, stone, jade, voodoo dolls, simoleons

uncharted isle:
pulling weeds: coconuts, sea turtles, topaz, diamonds
fishing: sea turtle, sting ray, puffer
mining: silver, electro bit, kaiserium, topaz
Digging: bone, jade, onyx, topaz, aliens

renee's nature preserve:
pulling weeds: cherry blossoms, cherries, simoleons
trees: cherry blossoms, cherries
fishing: cat fish, jelly fish, bass
digging: amber, stone, onyx

capital island:
pulling weeds: metal apples
trees: apples
mining: metal, bronze
digging: stone, amber

your island:
digging: diamond, electro bits, jade

Sapphire Jellyfish