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what are the best chickens for laying eggs?

i am thinking about getting chickens and was wondering what the best chickens are for laying the most eggs

What country and state are you in?
Most of the best laying breeds and industrial strains are available all over the world.
There are also rare, endangered hierloom varieties that perform well.

Unless you are establishing a commercial egg operation.
If just a small back yard flock,
then most breeds will do well for you.
Most people would rather have a fun, pretty bird, pretty egg and get 4-5 eggs per week,
than an ordinary white egg from white bird and 6 eggs/wk.

In the U.S., there are hatcheries that offer dozen to hundreds of breeds to the public.
Ideal (TX), McMurray (IA), Privett (NM), DBL-R (FL), Belt (CA), and several others across the U.S.
I believe Feathersite.com lists them.
They have pictures and descriptions of them;
tell you which are the excellent-good-fair layers etc.
Can obtain fertile eggs or day-old chicks thru mail order or have your feed store order some for you.
Some hatcheries will mail you 18 week-old hens that are close to laying.
Usually carry just the red type sex-links.
Feed stores may also carry them.

White Eggs

White Leghorn
Lays sooner (4 1/2 months old) and more than all other breeds.
Smaller breed (~ 4 lbs), hyperactive, non-setter.
Can be raised and lay in cages,
but this takes the fun out of it for both you and the bird!

Other Leghorns/Medeteranian breeds

Brown Eggs

Rhode Island Red, Production Reds and its sex-links (golden, red, brown)
Large breed, pretty color, large rosy brown color eggs.
Birds big enough to eat. Start to lay at 5 1/2- 6 months old.

They lay great under optimal light conditions and seem to be less interupted due to sudden temporary environmental changes (temperature, fog, rain) than most of the others.

Others just as good

Black Australorp
Medium size black plumage bird

New Hampshire
Big Orange bird, Very large eggs, eggs usually not as rosy.

Black sex-links
A RIR-Barred Rock hybrid.

Barred Rock
Very big bird, medium size tan eggs.

Buff Orpington, very big plump, docile, gold buff bird

Green/Blue Eggs: Americauna

Very Dark Brown Eggs (chocolate color)
Cuckoo Marans
Birds don't grow as fast as the modern industrial strains, but eventually reach a good size. Start to lay at ~ 6 months old.
Laying rate not as good as RIR, but trade off for darker eggs.

Have Fun!

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