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Köln Hbf in Blaue stunde (am 10.12.2010)

Hour Blaue

German grammar question?

what is the difference between : Er sucht einen guten platz ZUM Essen,

Wir essen ZU Mittag
why is zum used?

also why is zum used sometimes for Fussballspielen etc...? can you explain when you use ZU and ZUM?

last question: why isnt das BLAUES kleid in these setences?

soll ich den grauen Anzug oder den Blauen Anzug tragen?


soll ich das blaue kleid oder gruene Kleid trage? I dont get this shouldnt it be blaues because its accusative?
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To answer your first question: because in German it's not "lunch", it's "the lunch", so "to the" is translated as "zum".

To answer your second question, since the definite article already has the case built-in, there is no need to replicate it again. However, with ein- words, it would be "ein blauES Kleid".

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