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Tile Joyce

Looking for a history on my family?

I am trying to find out more about my grandfather. His name was Joseph V. Seefried Jr. from OH He went to Youngstown University around 1940 and was a 2nd Lt. in WWII. I have other info that I would like to keep from public eyes to filter out the scammers out there. If you have any info about him and my family I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. And to those people who want to direct me to geneology sites I can't afford those because they all ask for money.
Thank you both for the information. He did indeed die in CA when I was 16. I never knew what his parents or siblings names were. I will go to my local library and try to search further. I didn't know I could do that. 🙂

There are two on the California Death Index:

Joseph V Seefried, died 29 Oct 1977 in Los Angeles county, b. 3 Jun 1887 in Ohio

Joseph Vincent Seefried, died 4 Mar 1988 in Los Angeles Co., b. 6 Feb 1917 in Ohio, Mother's maiden name Joyce

The one b. 1917 is more likely to be the one you mean, but without birth dates I'm just guessing. It is an educated guess from a serious amateur, and I'd bet 10:1 it IS the 1917 one, unless you know yours didn't die in California, but only a guess. He would have been 24 when the war broke out, exactly the right age to be a 2nd Lt.

Secondly, genealogy is usually about ancestors. If we had his parents, grandparents, great grandparents . . . plus all of the siblings and their spouses, with accurate birth, marriage and death places and dates, we'd think we'd done a really good job. None of those dry facts would tell you if he was a hero or knave, easy-going or mean, a bigot or a model of tolerance, a loquacious drunk or a pugnacious one.

Which do you want - a family tree, or a 3,000-word biography of your late grandfather?

may help you to obtain his service records.

is a guide to the biggest free genealogy sites on the Internet, for people in the USA.

Since your e-mail is crippled, you won't "hear" from anyone. Anything anyone finds has to be posted here.

Here are per et fils, as indexed, in 1930 and 1920

1930: Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio; Roll 1844; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 39; Image: 3.0.

Joseph V Seifried 42
Mary M Seifried 40
Camilla M Seifried 16
Joseph V Seifried 13


1920: Youngstown Ward 7, Mahoning, Ohio; Roll T625_1414; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 220; Image: 994.

V Joseph Seefield 32
M Mary Seefield 32
Camella Seefield 6
Joseph Seefield 2 10/12

Joseph Sr's BP's are Ohio, Ohio, Ireland. He is a merchant in what looks like "Tile Co" but the handwriting is not very clear.

Mary's are Penn, Ireland, Ireland.


I can't find Joseph in 1910. I can find a dozen possibilities for Mary.

Tile Joyce