Translucent Bulb

Translucent Bulb

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Philips 69143/60/48 LivingColors Generation 2 Translucent Changing LED Lamp with Remote

Translucent Bulb

proper lighting for shooting models! (photography)?

Okay so im new to professional photography, and a friend of mine who is a model is going to work with me.. but i need to know what is the right stuff to have is, or what all i need or am missing.. really, i need a ton of information haha, but this is what ive got, so what else is needed

* Two (2) High Quality Light Sockets
* Two (2) White Translucent Photo Umbrellas
* Two (2) 30 Watt 5000K Compact Fluorescent Daylight Light Bulbs
* Two (2) Top quality Light Stands
* One (1) Mini Light Stand
* One (1) 3-section Cross Bar
* Two (2) Heavy Duty Support Tripods
* One (1) Carrying Case for Background Support
* One (1) Black Seamless Muslin Backdrop
* One (1) White Seamless Muslin Backdrop

and are there any specific levels that ill need? sorry if im hard to work with, i really dont know to much and im kinda being thrown to the lions.

any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you.

You don't have enough of lighting... you will have to shoot at 400 ISO and your widest aperature. On your camera you will also have to set it for flouresant white for white balance. you can take photos of her with the lighting but the slightest movement will show up as a blur because of slow shutter speeds. You'll probably be shooting around 1/60 or 1/80. You'll can get higher , but the lights will be right on top of your model.

I can tell you went and got one of the economy lighting kits... their great for learning lighting but you will be limited in what you can do

If you need links or help with it contact me:

Translucent Bulb